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Accountor Group

Our history is the story of more than a hundred family businesses in several countries becoming a large international outsourcing and software provider

Now Accountor Group is the largest accounting, HR and payroll service provider in Northern Europe

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If you would like to find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us by phone +7 495 788 00 05, by email: welcome@accountor.ru or by filling out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Accountor customer reference: Ostohyvitys (Bonusway)

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Accountor Russia


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Accountor is a leading consulting company in Russia. In the latest rating of the Expert Rating Agency Accountor Russia was ranked:

Full data confidentiality

We comply with all the requirements of Russian laws as well as European GDRP

Proactive Approach

As part of our services, we always keep customers informed about changes in legislation and practices as well as guiding them through any actions required as a consequence.

Full Expertise from One Source

We cover all basic business processes that companies need to enter a new market, expand their operations, downsize or leave a market.

Personal manager

Our clients can send any questions to a contact person who is always ready to help. Our managers are fluent in Russian, English, German, Finnish, French and other languages.

Professional liability insurance

Our liability is insured as required for international companies.


Business processes outsourcing in Russia

Accountor is one of Russia's largest providers of business processes outsourcing. We are a part of Accountor Group, the largest financial and HR service company in Northern Europe.

We are glad to offer a full range of financial administration & legal services that will help you to concentrate on doing business while we take care of your day-to-day routine


 Transfer pricing
Due diligence
Tax advisory
Due disputes
Due diligence
VAT refund
Tax planning, optimization

IT services

Automated solutions
1C support
ERP integration

Legal support

Full legal support
Labor, tax and corporate law
Company setup
 Company liquidation
Nominal GD, legal address
Personal data protection


 Full accounting support
International reporting


 Full payroll support
Payroll reporting
 HR administration
HRA-payroll portal
HR Audit


Quality control

All our offices are ISO 9001 quality system certified