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Your company is safely closed in Russia

Document review

Client's actions


Liaising with the client’s bank

Liaising with tax authorities

Our actions

Full Expertise from One Source

We cover all basic business processes that companies need to enter a new market, expand their operations, downsize or leave a market.

Submitting documents to the relevant registration authority

Changing bank signature card

Provide us with necessary documents

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Company liquidation in Russia

Full legal support

  • We participate in negotiations with debtors, creditors, suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders
  • We represent companies before state authorities
  • We prepare corporate and HR documents
  • We keep the company’s accounting during the liquidation process
  • We ensure compliance with currency control


Liquidation proceedings take from 6 to 18 months, depending on the circumstances and reasons for liquidation: tax arrears, debts to creditors, lack of activity, legal proceedings against the company, voluntary liquidation.

About Accountor Russia

Accountor is one of Russia's largest providers of business processes outsourcing. We are a part of Accountor Group, the largest financial and HR service company in Northern Europe. We offer a full range of financial administration & legal services that help companies to concentrate on doing business while we take care of day-to-day routine. 



70 years in the world, 25 years in Russia

We draw from our in-depth knowledge of the Russian business environment to provide the best services to international companies.


Document signing

Document signing





Over 200 professionals

in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Liquidation of LLC (ООО)


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If you would like to find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us by phone +7 495 788 00 05, by email: welcome@accountor.ru or by filling out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Liquidation of JSC (АО)

Liquidation of the representative office or branch of a foreign company in Russia

It is almost impossible to liquidate a company in Russia without qualified legal assistance: the number of documents necessary for company liquidation requires full immersion in paperwork, and actions need to be strictly performed to complete liquidation proceedings that can take up months.

Liquidation proceedings

We provide assistance with liquidation proceedings which consist of 11 main stages. We do most of the work and request our clients to perform as few actions as possible.




Preparing 3rd set of documents

Tax check of company

Preparing 2nd set of liquidation documents 2 months after official publication

Announcing the initiation of liquidation proceedings in official publication


Initiating liquidation proceedings

Document signing

Closing bank accounts